Why I Walked Away from the Vanity Fair Social Club Oscar’s Viewing Party

2015-Vanity_Fair_Interview_Nicole_DeAvillaFor the last 21 years Vanity Fair has been hosting an Oscar viewing party. Each year this lavish event grows and now over 1200 people, Hollywood elite, come to see and be seen. However, the coveted dinner viewing party continues to be held at only 150 invitations. Being invited to the exclusive dinner is considered the best invitation in town short of being invited to the Academy Awards themselves.

2015- VFSC_Backbend_Nicole DeAvilla (c)For the second year, Vanity Fair also hosted the Vanity Fair Social Club – a week long social suite for select influencers, of which I am one. We were invited to “drop by, plug in and experience Vanity Fair’s Campaign Hollywood” at the creative co-working space, WeWork Hollywood. The event was co-hosted with Access Hollywood. You can click here to view the complete schedule of Oscar nominees, YouTube All-Stars, Oscar Predictions, fashion, beauty and more that we were invited to experience.


Nicole DeAvilla with Oscar nominee Colleen Atwood

2015-Billy_Bush_DeAvilla (c)

Billy Bush of Access Hollywood with Nicole

I arrived Monday afternoon greeting old friends and colleagues and meeting new ones. I did yoga
poses and mudras at the Vanity Fair “Photo Booth.” Participated in the live “Tweet Up” with Billy Bush (see picture) and was interviewed by Vanity Fair about the event. The momentum and energy continued to build during the week as we progressed towards the big night of the Oscars – Sunday night in which only a smaller number of us received the invitation to the Vanity Fair Social Club Screening Party Dinner.

Thursday night I left and boarded a plane for home, not to return to take my seat at the exclusive Vanity Fair Social Club Oscar viewing dinner party.


Family. Friends. They matter.

2015-Nicole_DeAvilla_Carlos_Reyes (c)

Carlos Reyes and Nicole

As much as I love what I do, the travel, excitement and connecting with others in person and on social media, spreading the word and walking the talk of yoga lifestyle amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, I like to think I keep my priorities straight. I needed to be home to take a close relative to the hospital for emergency care.

2015-02-Glass_Brick_Blvd_Fenix_DeAvilla (c)

Greg Johnson and Glass Brick Boulevard at the Fenix Supper Club

Because I know my priorities it wasn’t a hard decision to make. And because I know how to keep connected to my source, I had the power, love and energy to do what I needed to do.  This also enabled me to honor my commitment to cover the Oscars as a Social Media Correspondent – I covered it from afar.  Doing the right thing opened up another opportunity for me as well. The same night as the Oscars, my friend Greg Johnson of Glass Brick Boulevard (and model for my book, The 2 Minute Yoga Solution, FAST and EASY Stress and Back Pain Relief), was debuting his new album with guest artist, Carlos Reyes, Crystalline Thrilled at the Fenix. I was able to attend, support him as a friend and Social Media Correspondent and have a really fun evening!


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