YPA Pre-Launch to Be Celebrated at SYTAR

YPA Pre-Launch to Be Celebrated at SYTAR


The first inside peek of the Yoga Professional Academy will be in Austin, Texas, June 5-8, 2014 at the Symposium of Yoga Therapy and Research. This landmark event celebrates the 25th Anniversary of IAYT and the launch of YPA.

Yoga is growing at a whopping rate of 20-22% a year.  Yet many yoga and yoga therapy professionals and businesses struggle to make ends meet.  When they do it is often at the expense of having free time, family time and even their own personal yoga time.  Add to that the growing trend of increased educational and professional standards it can be overwhelming to keep up and keep going in a sustainable way that also supports personal growth and development.

YPA grew out of a growing need to help educate yoga professionals to run successful private practices, studios and training programs offering high quality service. Though higher standards are generally supported by yoga and yoga therapy professionals, the diversity of linages and practices and the complexities of creating, implementing and enforcing standards have left many confused and not sure where to start or where they and their practices fit in to this new movement.

To help augment quality training, teach skills to run a successful conscious business, and perhaps more importantly to help navigate the changing landscape of educational and professional standards YPA is uniquely poised to bring clarity and success to its member schools and professionals.  YPA believes that yoga professionals should be able to both have successful business and have time for their own personal development.

A key feature not found elsewhere is the monthly Open Office Hours, where YPA President Nicole DeAvilla [link name to http://nicoledeavilla.com ] and faculty leaders will be available to answer questions and provide support on the latest developments in the growing field of yoga and yoga therapy, running a conscious business and balancing a healthy lifestyle. The community support within these online sessions for those at the top of their profession and those just starting can be of greatest value and can save yoga professionals countless hours and dollars from their advice alone.

All attendees at the symposium are invited to stop by the YPA table, say hi, drink a toast of sparkling cider and see for themselves all of the exciting opportunities YPA provides.  For more information on attending SYTAR, click here. [hyper link to http://www.sytar.org/sytar2014/ ]



A Meeting of Schools (member schools of IAYT) will take place before SYTAR and all program directors and their key faculty or admin support are encouraged to attend to learn more about the current directions and progress in standards and accreditation and to help shape the future of yoga therapy with their ideas and contributions. Nicole DeAvilla, President of YPA is on the IAYT [link http://www.iayt.org/default.asp? ] Accreditation Committee and will be co-presenting with her fellow committee members.

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