My Wellness Detox

My Wellness Detox

Want to join me in a Wellness Detox?

Ready to kick off the new year with a healthy start? Register for the Brilliant Solutions Group Wellness Detox and receive recipes, support and more! 

Last year I participated twice in the BSG Wellness Detox and both times it left me feeling refreshed, lighter, healthier and glowing. Moreover I rebooted some old and started some new healthy lifestyle habits that help me feeling energized and refreshed all the time. A lot of what you will learn is based on Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science so you yogi’s will feel right at home! 

Whether or not detoxing and/or yoga are new or familiar to you, you will find that this cleanse program will meet you where you are. You will get the right amount of detox that is comfortable and suitable for you. 

What you can expect:

  • 28 Days of Inspirational Emails which include “what to do today” guidance for activities and supplements.
  • Guide Books (PDF) via email to support each phase. (Pre, Cleanse, Post)
  • Recipe Guide
  • Fully supported Facebook page—Secret Group

We use the healthy pure essential oils and supplements from doTerra. This is a great way to learn more about essential oils and how to use them!

In addition to me supporting and cheering you on, you may be able to get some free lifestyle coaching from me, plus yoga videos for cleansing and detoxing.

Here is how it works.

Healthy Balance

New to doTerra?

Welcome! Our pure essential oils, supplements and personal care products are revolutionizing the way families manage their health.

  1. First register here to learn the details and register for My Wellness Detox.
  2. Next you will need to sign-up for your doTerra wholesale account with me and purchase your detox supplements (they are the best – I use them all of the time). Click here to get  your wholesale account with me and my team.

Or contact me to set up a phone consultation with me or one of my team members and we can set you up with your account via phone.

Current DoTerra Wholesale Customers:

If you already have a current doTerra account then simply click here and register and read what essential supplies you will need for the detox program. Follow the instructions.

How to Get Your Free Lifestyle Coaching and Yoga Videos:

If your doTerra account is with me and my team, all you have to do is email me to let me know you are registered for the January My Wellness Detox and I will send you information on scheduling your coaching. Email me here:

If you already have a doTerra account with someone else, then please contact them for support and coaching.