Money, Business, Energy and the Cycles of Time

I only have to think of the catchy tune and phrase, describing a cycle of time, “The dawning of the Age of Aquarius…” from the pop hit song from the 60’s by the band, 5th Dimension, of the same name, and then it gets stuck in my head!

Another cycle of time recently created a lot of fear and rumors as 2012 approached because it was the end of the Mayan calendar and it was rumored that it signified the end of the world. On our recent trip to Belize and Guatemala we laughed with our tour guides that so many in the rest of the world interpreted the end of an Age with the end of the world!

Coming from India iScreen Shot 2015-01-25 at 9.47.34 PMs the philosophy of the Yugas, cycles of time, in which over thousands of years the earth moves closer to and further away from it’s center, it’s source. When it is at the farthest point from the center, mankind is in a “dark” age – which in recent history did coincide with the western Dark Age. As the earth moves closer to its source then mankind becomes more enlightened.  An excellent book on the topic was written by a friend of mine, a physicist, David Steinmetz and his colleague, Joseph Selbie, The Yugas.  I recommend reading it if you would like to learn more.

Having left the Dark Ages behind us, we are now in an Age of Energy.  According to the Yuga system we are currently in Dwapara Yuga which is characterized by energy, cooperation, the understanding that the world is not solid, but rather made of vibrating atoms, and higher aspirations among other attributes . Much of the conflict we see in the world today is a conflict between the old energy and ways of being and the new: dogmatism, form, matter, rigid institutions, segregation, caste system, and strict religious conformity  v.s. energy, fluidity, cooperation, community,  spirituality and the sense that around the globe we are connected.

I recently hired a new company, Live Your Message, to make a website for me (not this one).  As a 2015-01-18 09.18.22bonus I was gifted a three day event in Los Angeles called “Message to Money”.  It happened to follow right after the rugby tournament at UCLA I wanted to attend because my son was playing for the Cal team. I thought, sure, since I will be in LA anyway I might as well attend.

As we checked in for the event we were handed a one hundred dollar bill, the dance music was playing and the hotel conference room looked slick and inviting. The money was actually a return on the deposit we made to commit to coming, but still it was a little unexpected to see them handing out cash to over 100 people.  The event promised to show us how to hone our message, market our products and services and how to add at least to $50,000 to our income this year.

Prior to coming to the event I had offered my services to Live Your MessagB7v0B-QCUAE2as3.jpg-largee to give a 2 Minute Yoga Break, figuring with all of the marketing concepts, numbers and figures the audience would be taking in, that they probably would appreciate a break, to get the blood flowing, breathe, move and center. I was honored that they took me up on the offer.

However, I was surprised to learn later that they had their own in-house yoga teacher to lead morning, pre-event yoga classes and she also at a later time gave a yoga break.  We were also   blessed with a shaman playing flute and didgeridoo at different times. We were asked to set our intentions, and that they be aligned with our actions and to engage.  The presenters spoke to us as conscious entrepreneurs.  They contrasted the old method of pressure selling with learning to understand your customer and how best to serve them. And a theme throughout was the importance of having a daily routine that will nourish our bodies, minds and souls.  A successful business should leave you happy, and nourished, with time for family and the things you love to do.

Wow! Dwapara Yuga has arrived!

2015-01-19 13.13.44Sure their are still plenty of slimly sales masters teaching slimly sales techniques, but they are being overtaken by this new breed of entrepreneurs.  The event was presented in a very professional and business like way. It was not “New Agey” or “business lite”.  They gave us amazing, excellent content, helped us work through our own particular business issues and a gave us a path forward for when we left. Being a million dollar company themselves, they were able to model that one can do business not only ethically but with a big heart too.

One of the points that they reiterated and taught in different ways was that your personal energy matters.  They had sessions on identifying and breaking through fears and connecting with our higher source, whatever that might be for each of us.  A couple of times I felt like looking around to see if any of my gurubhais (fellow devotees on the same path with the same spiritual teacher/guru) were in the room. The sessions were very powerful, even for someone like myself who has done a lot of inner work.

We were asked to step up to a higher frequency and bring our authentic self forward. I know I did and I can’t wait to start sharing more of this with you!

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