How to Beat the Odds and Achieve Your New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!

When it comes to yoga philosophy and scientific research, I can be real geeky – just ask my immediate family.

So, I hope I don’t geek you out with my rather long New Year’s message this year. 🙂

The ancient yoga masters have always taught that we can change our brain, our internal chemistry, even our heart beat. Until recently only the faithful few believed this was possible.

Now it seems almost every week there is new scientific information proving the accuracy of these yoga teachings. For example, scientists now say we can rewire our brain – something that Paramhansa Yogananda and other yoga masters taught long before the invention of the MRI and other amazing medical tools now available.

I love reading about these “new” discoveries!

This is the time of year when many of us make New Years Resolutions, wishing to make a fresh start and begin the new year with hope and optimism.

However, only 8% of people successfully achieve their resolutions.

Any regular at the gym can tell you that the club gets real crowded at the beginning of January and by February attendance starts to get back to normal.

Why do so many New Year’s Resolutions fall flat? We ride on a wave of enthusiasm and then when that subsides, there isn’t the habit, the mindset, or more importantly the rewired brain patterns that will sustain us once we get caught up in the usual distractions and the always present mundane aspects of life.

For success we need to learn how to rewire our brain so that we create the habits and the mindset that will bring us the greatest amount of happiness, freedom, money, health, six-pack abs, enlightenment or what ever it is we desire to achieve.

Happy New Year from Nicole DeAvilla

It is simple. But it is not easy.  If it were easy we all would be achieving our goals – our New Year’s Resolutions – without fail.

It’s our daily, hourly, even minute by minute (yes, the premise of my book, The 2 Minute Yoga Solution*) decisions, thoughts and actions we take and our mindsets that determine our long term success or failure.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to rewiring our brains is understanding what mindsets – both the conscious and unconscious beliefs we hold – need rewiring. As long as we hold on to the old patterns the new patterns we are trying to create will be in conflict with them so that we yo-yo back and forth and never truly reach our full potential.

Over the years, I have manifested a lot through the use of my will, affirmations, development of my intuition from mediation and other yoga practices, self-reflection etc. However, 2015 has been a very challenging year for me – heck, 2014 was too!

These challenges have been my opportunity to choose to fall short and accept the status quo or be willing to take on the important work of rewiring my brain.

In 2015 I dug deeper to find and root out the old mindsets and patterns that do not serve me and have kept me from reaching my highest potential. I have persevered even when new and unexpected obstacles came my way.

With the support and guidance of my mentors and coaches, I feel I have laid a new foundation for living fully and joyfully with success in all areas of my life: spirit, family, relationships, health, career.

With gratitude and joy in 2016 I will continue on my personal journey towards my highest potential so that I can in turn help others discover theirs – to live a well rounded life full of success, purpose, freedom and happiness.

My New Years Wish for you is LOVE.

Yes, even in my geekiness, I know that love is the most powerful force in the world that we humans can experience. With more love in our lives we can have the energy, the foundation, and the hope to reach our highest potential and help others around us to do the same.


Happy New Year.



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