Yoga Professional Academy

tulipVision Statement

Our Vision is simple: To help alleviate pain and suffering within ourselves, in our communities and around the world so that all people have the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

In today’s world where cooperation, collaboration and community are trumping dogma, protectionism and materialism, we know that when we work collectively the impossible becomes possible.


Mission_StatementMission Statement

Yoga Professional Academy believes that by supporting and mentoring yoga professional individuals and organizations through high standards in education, mentoring, delivery and reach, more people will be successfully served through yoga.

Yoga, being a vehicle for personal and global transformation has also historically offered solutions for every aspect of life including health, well being, happiness, business, leadership, marriage and education, is the common foundation that brings the diverse community of the Yoga Professional Academy together.

To serve this Mission the Yoga Professional Academy is based on four foundational pillars.


Higher Education and Professional Training for Yoga and Yoga Therapy Professionals.  The programs offered within YPA do not replace nor compete with the Yoga and Yoga Therapy studios, programs and schools, which it supports.  Rather these programs supplement and enhance existing and emerging programs to more easily offer well-organized trainings, implement high standards in education and professionalism, support for navigating the increasingly complex standards for professional registration and program accreditation and increase their revenues.


Nicole_DeavillaBusiness Training for Yoga and Yoga Therapy Businesses.  From training the individual yoga teacher to the largest yoga institutions in business, marketing, social media, legal basics and how to collaborate with complimentary businesses and health care professionals, YPA offers state of the art training, document templates and referrals so that yoga teachers, yoga therapists, faculty, directors and owners have more success and more time to do what they love to do – practice and teach yoga and yoga therapy.


Public Programs for Yoga Therapy and Yoga Students.  Online training programs may be accessed directly by the public or through the member teachers, studios and schools. These programs do not replace the in person trainings of the YPA members.  Rather they enhance and support them. Member programs, studios and schools may be included in a public directory where students can search for qualified yoga professionals in their area.


yogaA Collegial Community of Professional Support and Mentorship.  Traditional support and mentoring for individuals is provided.  However, unique to YPA is a support system for faculty, program directors and business owners of Yoga organizations.  An “Open Office Hours” for those who provide the training, mentorship and leadership to Yoga professionals is one of the innovative programs YPA provides to its members.


Additional Services

Prenatal Yoga Academy is a subdivision of Yoga Professional Academy and offers the same type of platform and services tailored to the special needs of Prenatal Yoga.





Resources for Yoga Businesses provides access to and referrals for a variety of services from credit card processing, legal advice, franchise opportunities, and supplemental income streams to specialty training, continuing education and research opportunities.

Children’s Yoga Academy will be a subdivision of Yoga Professional Academy and will offers the same type of platform and services tailored to the special needs of Children’s Yoga.

Yoga Research Academy will be an integral part of Yoga Professional Academy.  Through the collective resources of YPA and its members it is believed that large-scale gold standard research can be accomplished to benefit society and further its mission and vision.


Our motto is to provide win-win-win opportunities to our members and the public so that the teachers, the therapists, the trainers, the faculty and the practitioners of yoga have more health, abundance and wellness to reach their highest potential and have the ability to “Live the Yoga Life They Love™!”


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